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    Get your League of Legends Riot Points Gift Card by Email

    1.       Select your desired League of Legends (RP) gift card amount and currency
    2.       Choose your preferred method and complete payment
    3.       Your digital code is sent out as soon as payment is cleared

    Advantages of buying a LOL Gift Card at ReloadHero

    • Speedy delivery: Your LoL Gift Card RP is sent instantly.
    • Safety: Your personal and financial details are processed via encryption technology.
    • Security: Your purchases and transactions are encrypted to ensure 100% safety and security.
    • Secure payment: Your payment data is never stored on any of our servers.
    • No hidden charges: The price quoted is what you’ll pay with no additional charges.
    • Customer support: Our team is available to assist you at any time of the day.

    What is an online League of Legends Game Card?

    A League of Legends prepaid card allows you to buy Riot points for you to spend at the League of Legends online store. The digital version allows you to prepay for credits, which you can then apply to your account.

    League of Legends is one of the most popular free-to-play games online and offers a plethora of in-game purchases, which allows summoners to apply cosmetic upgrades to their game. 

    The game uses its own currency better known as Riot Points (RP). It does not work like many other game gift cards. Instead of applying real money funds to your gaming account, you need to convert your funds into Riot Points before making a purchase.

    With Riot Points, you can acquire the use of champions, premium virtual items, alternative character skins and much more.  

    How to redeem your LoL gift card code

    Redeeming your prepaid game card is straightforward. Once applied, your credit never expires, so you can spend it whenever your character requires it:

    1.       Launch the League of Legends client or create a new account
    2.       Head to the Store
    3.       Click on the Purchase RP button
    4.       Choose Prepaid Cards to input your digital code
    5.       Click on Submit for your Riot Points to be added to your account

    Top reasons to buy a Riot Games Card

    There are many reasons to buy a League of Legends Prepaid Card. If you are passionate about your LoL character, having access to funds should help you apply upgrades in no time.

    Here are some other perks of opting for a prepaid digital card:

    •         Riot Points: Without Riot Points, you are unable to unlock summoner icons, bundles, skins, champions or boosts.
    •         No bank details: You never need to connect your bank account details to the site, providing you with added safety
    •         Readily available funds: The options are endless. You don’t have to reach for your payment details to make a purchase there and then.
    •         Respect Points: The gamers in your life will love you for the gift of Riot Points

    Best ways to spend your Riot Points

    Riot Points are one of the main currencies in the epic game of League of Legends alongside Blue Essence.

    While the latter is mostly earned in-game without having to spend your own funds, Riot Points can only be gained through real-money microtransactions.

    This is where the fun begins! You can spend your Riot Points on cosmetic items or perform actions. Here’s what you can buy with Riot Points:

    •         Champions and Champion Skins
    •         Special Bundles
    •         Chromas
    •         Experience Boosts
    •         Summoner Icons
    •         Summoner Name Change
    •         Ward Skins
    •         Emotes
    •         Hextech Crafting Materials
    •         Account Server Transfer.

    League of Legends Gift Vouchers Online: FAQs

    Yes. While Riot Points can be mainly spent on League of Legends, you can still use your RP points on Valorant. Valorant is an FPG genre game created by Riot Games. The in-game currency for this game is called Valorant Point (VP). Your Riot Points can be converted into Valorant Points.
    There are some benefits to doing so. You have instant access to hundreds of items that most players want to buy. By purchasing a prepaid gift card, you can either send it to other players or spend it on any items you want.
    There is no expiration date on your gift cards. They will never expire.