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    Get your PUBG Mobile Gift Card by Email

    1.       Pick an amount to top up your PUBG Mobile from the available list
    2.       Choose your preferred payment method and complete payment
    3.       Your PIN code will drop in your inbox within a matter of minutes

    Advantages of buying a PUBG Mobile Gift Card at ReloadHero

    •         Speedy delivery: Your PIN code is sent out within a matter of seconds so you can get cracking right away.
    •         Safety: We have adopted the latest technology to make your safety our priority.
    •         Security: All purchases are processed with 256-SSL encryption.
    •         Secure payment: Once your payment goes through, your details are never stored on any of our servers.
    •         No hidden charges: There are no additional charges to the price quoted.
    • Customer support: Our friendly support team is available to help you.

    What is a PUBG Mobile UC?

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a superb multiplayer survival shooter created and developed by Bluehold.

    PUBG UC is short for PUBG Unknown Cash. It is a virtual currency used in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This popular game has taken the world of gaming by storm, and there are no signs of stopping it.

    With your PUBG UC, you can purchase parachutes, clothes, new weapon skins and even upgrade your character’s appearances. It does not end there though.

    You can also improve your gameplay by gaining access to special features such as the Elite Pass and Lucky Spin.  You can now easily order Unknown Cash by purchasing a digital gift card. Your PIN is immediately sent out as soon as you complete your order.

    As a PUBG Mobile UC Gift Cards recipient, you have all the freedom in the world to use your card as you deem fit.

    How to redeem your PUBG UC Gift Card

    Redeeming your PUBG UC virtual currency is easy-peasy. Follow the below steps to get started:

    1.       Head to the official PUBG Mobile website
    2.       Input your Character ID and verify all information
    3.       Input your PIN code
    4.       Click on the Redeem now
    5.       That’s it! You are good to go!

    Top reasons to buy a PUBG UC Gift Card

    Ever wondered how you could spend UC in PUBG Mobile? Whether you are considering buying UC for your friend or for yourself, there are plenty of good reasons for you to purchase them as highlighted below:

    •         Buy treasures: Your character deserves styling. You can buy treasure chests which come with a variety of outfits and gun skins.
    •         Buy outfits: Money can’t buy you style, but UC definitely does. Discover a store full of amazingly new outfits.
    •         Buy Battle Pass: Possibly one of the most critical features of this game, a battle pass can grant you various perks and unique rewards.
    •         Buy companions: Who wants to go on an adventure alone? You can have a pet with you all the time. Pick between three different companions including Falcon, Godzilla and King Kong.
    •         Buy Weapon Skins: Upgrade your weapon and make a sassy statement as you kill your opponents.

    What are the advantages of buying a PUBG Mobile Royal Pass?

    As you have figured out by now, there are plenty of perks for PUBG fans. These include a free royal pass every season, a shiny new badge next to your name, new outfits, aeroplanes and plenty of vehicles.

    On top of that, you will also get a bonus mission to complete so you can earn more RP points. You also benefit from advance room creation cards through which you can create unlimited rooms for up to 7 days.

    While for many players competing in the missions are the epitome of what makes a great gaming experience, for many others, it’s the general aesthetics that make this game fun.

    Needless to say, you also get your hands on season exclusive rewards such as emotes, legendary outfits and many weapons and vehicle skins.

    PUBG Unknown Cash Gift Card: FAQs

    Nope. Your Unknown Cash never expires.
    You can purchase a variety of in-game features, characters, costumes, weapon and vehicle skins and much more.
    Mobile Lite is a smaller version of the PUBG Mobile App. It can mainly be used on older configuration devices. In Lite, you can only battle up to 60 players instead of 100. The maps can also accommodate lower graphic requirements.