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    Razer Gold

    What is Razer Gold?

    Razer manufactures computers and video gaming gear, as well as operating its own software and gaming prepaid card: Razer Gold. Millions of gamers around the world use this popular prepaid card, and it has since become the leading virtual video gaming currency worldwide and is accepted on over 50,000 games and other
    products. Users gain access to additional or exclusive content for their favourite games, mobile games, or online entertainment services, at better prices.

    Please note: Razer Gold cards expire 12 months after purchase

    What can I buy with Razer Gold ?

    With the Razer Gold top-up, you can easily buy games in an ever-expanding catalogue of more than 50,000 titles. You can also choose from in-game content or game time for various online video games. Easily spend your Gold in the Razer Store or in one of the many online shops, and receive bonuses when you buy games or content with the Razer Gold prepaid card.

    How to redeem a Razer Gold prepaid card 

    1. Visit the Razer Gold website and log into your account.
    2. Click “Reload Now” and choose “Razer Gold PIN” as the payment method.
    3. Enter the code and hit “Next.”
    4. Complete the 2-step verification process.
    5. All done! You can now spend your Gold and earn Silver.