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    What is a Steam Game Card?

    A Steam Game Card is your digital pass to a world of gaming heaven. Gamers will quickly admit that since Steam’s inception, it has changed the way they purchase games. They no longer have to buy a physical copy of a game if they don’t want to. 

    Instead, they can purchase downloadable discounted games in one swift move. Each digital card comes with an activation code at the bottom which is inputted into your Steam account and redeemed.

    With Steam gift cards, you can shop right from the comfort of your own home and have the world of video games at your fingertips, without ever missing a beat.

    Steam gift cards are user-friendly, convenient and highly flexible. They are also the perfect solution and gift idea for any player who loves to spend time shopping at the Steam online store.

    Whether you are a gamer or know the right person who would appreciate such a gift, they are the quick and ideal solution to purchase games.

    How to redeem your Steam Wallet Gift Card

    If you are looking for a convenient method to top up your Steam account, there is no better option than a Steam Wallet code. Follow the below simple steps:

    1.       Log into your Steam account
    2.       Click on your account name and access Account Details
    3.       Select the Add Funds to your Steam Wallet function
    4.       Input your 16-digit Steam Gift Card code
    5.       You are ready to access full-on gaming entertainment

    Top reasons to buy a Steam Digital Card

    The benefits of Steam are there for everyone to see. You can find both top-tier games and indie developers promoting their own creations. You can never go wrong with a Steam gift card. Here are the top reasons why you should definitely join:

    •         Buy games: You can buy and download games immediately. The best part of it all is that plenty of games are discounted.
    •         Buy Software: A multitude of software options geared towards the gaming community can be easily acquired.
    •         Buy hardware: Contrary to popular belief, you can buy hardware including back grip buttons, customisable control schemes and dual-stage triggers.
    •         Join the online revolution: Find your friends and make new ones as you are playing games.
    •         Digital Gifts: Make your loved ones melt with the gift of Steam.

    The best Steam Game Releases you can buy in 2021

    Since the Steam catalogue is extensive, it may prove difficult to pick a few select games to purchase. There are reportedly more than 23,000 games readily available for download.

    If you are not sure where to begin, here’s a list of the most talked about games of 2021:

    1.       Resident Evil 8
    2.       Deltarune Chapter 2
    3.       Deathloop
    4.       Into the Breach
    5.       Surviving Mars
    6.       Final Fantasy XV
    7.       Descenders
    8.       It Takes Two
    9.       American Truck Simulator


    5 things you didn’t know about Steam

    Steam has come a long way since it came as a program with Half-Life 2. It has gone on to become a prolific PC game store. It is difficult to fault it since it is continually evolving and gaining new features.

    Here are some little facts you might not know you could do on Steam:


    • Sell items: The Steam Community Market allows all players to buy and sell in-game items for Steam Wallet credit.
    • Multiple servers: Steam automatically chooses the best server based on your location so you can get your game quickly.
    • Move games: You can easily move games between hard drives.
    • Get a refund: This will surprise many, but you can actually request a refund if you meet the right conditions.

    Family sharing: You can share your entire games library with other Steam users. However, you can’t play games in the other person’s library.


    Steam Digital Gift Card: FAQs

    Steam cards can only be used in the Steam store to buy games, add-ons, in-game features and more.
    Steam is the most prominent gaming platform in the world, hosting DLCs, game accessories and thousands of video games on one platform. Since it is a tightly secure platform, you can enjoy all the games in one location.
    As soon as we receive your order, we will process and dispatch your purchase. If you are purchasing as a gift, we will send out a high-resolution gift card to your recipient.