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    Get your Apple iTunes Gift Card by Email

    1.       Pick a card value range from the available list
    2.       Select your preferred payment method and complete the payment
    3.       Your 16 digit code is sent out within minutes

    Advantages of buying an iTunes Gift Card at ReloadHero

    • Speedy delivery: We ship your gift card to you or your recipient immediately.
    • Safety: We have all the right measures and processes in place to ensure your safety and security.
    • Security: All purchases and data sent and received from our site are encrypted.
    • Secure payment: Your payment details are never stored.
    • No hidden charges: The price quoted is what you’ll pay.
    • Customer support: Our support team is available on hand to help and answer questions.

    What is an iTunes Gift Card?

    An iTunes Gift Card is a preloaded digital card that allows users to purchase goods and services from the Apple Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Books and other Apple properties. 

    Your pre-purchased credit can essentially be used to buy Apple’s various digital services, including movies, music and more. You can also use it to subscribe to a variety of Apple services.

    Bear in mind that iTunes gift cards are different from Apple Store gift cards. You are unable to purchase Apple products, such as a Macbook or an iPhone.

    How to redeem your iTunes Gift Cards

    Redeeming your prepaid digital credit is a painless and straightforward process. Follow the below simple steps:

    1.       Launch the App Store
    2.       Click on the Today tab and tap your user icon at the top
    3.       Click on Redeem Gift Card or Code
    4.       Input your 16-digit code
    5.       All done! You can proceed to make your purchases

    Top reasons to buy an iTunes Gift Card

    Once you have redeemed your prepaid credit, you can spend your iTunes credit on a variety of services. Here are the top reasons to purchase a gift card:

    •         Books: Purchase the latest books. Access hundreds of online books and download them at the click of a button.
    •         Apps and games: Need some entertainment? The iOS App Store has plenty of games designed to keep boredom at bay.
    •         Music and TV shows: You can purchase the latest movies, TV shows and music on your Apple TV app.
    •         Apple subscriptions: Get subscriptions that charge your iTunes accounts such as Apple News+ and Apple TV+.
    •         iCloud: Get more storage space on your iCloud.

    Top apps you can purchase with your iTunes Gift Card

    When it comes to mobile supremacy, having access to the best apps can boost your social game. Whether you are into photography, digital art, music or reading, here are the best iPad and iPhone apps you can buy with your iTunes Gift Card.

    •         Fugue Machine: If you are looking to produce music, this app is the perfect tool to take your skills to the next level. You can adjust speed, direction and pitch as you create beautiful music.
    •         iMovie: Up to a few years ago, you had to spend a lot of money to edit digital video. Now, iMovie lets you edit and share 4K videos with ease. You can cut footage, add a soundtrack, integrate transitions and most importantly, share with your family and friends.
    •         Affinity Photo: This app is a fully-fledged image editor, designed to bring together all the features of the desktop version to a table near you.
    •         Mextures: Add a touch of pizzazz to your images by using the latest photo filters thanks to the Mextures app.

    ·      Typorama: And once you are done applying filters to your images, Typorama allows you to slave some snazzy text over your photos.


    iTunes Digital Gift Card: FAQs

    Although many gift cards out there come with an expiry date, iTunes cards are not one of them. Once you have redeemed it, it will sit on your account.
    Yes. You can use it on your Android device with Apple music. You are also free to transfer DRM-free content from your computer to any Android device.
    No. You can only use these codes for digital Apple services on iTunes, Apple Books, the App Store and similar. You are unable to use them to purchase Apple hardware.